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Justice for All

The Coachella Valley united for a peaceful protest on Monday June 1, 2020. We marched along Fred Waring Dr in Palm Desert. We exercised our 1st amendment right to speak out against police brutality. We used our voices to protest the murders and abuse of police throughout America. America has racism in its DNA. Systematic racism is imbedded in our government, courts, police, jails, banks, employment, housing, sports and voting. Although we can not change the past, we can definitely change our future. I'm proud of our local community for coming together to stand united with our brothers & sisters that have been victims of police murders & abuses. Peaceful protests/marches are needed to bring awareness of injustices. We must hold public officials accountable for their actions or lack of action. Awareness is a major part of bringing real systematic changes. However, peaceful protests will only get us so far. We need real life immediate actions. We must stay united at the ballot box. We must elect government officials that are educated and passionate about ending systematic racism. Please make sure you, your family, and friends are properly registered to vote. Where you spend your money is just as important as how you vote. We can not keep supporting corporations, businesses, organization & celebrities that remain silent and turn a blind eye when injustices are visible. If you do not use your voice then you are a part of the problems that haunt our nation. Silence is violence. The fact that all four officers involved in the public execution of George Floyd still have not been arrested is a sobering reminder of our nation's deep rooted systemic racism. It is a reminder that we must stay vigilante, united, and focused on how we can create real changes in America. There are no excuses for looting and violence. All protests/marches must stay peaceful and on message. Police and military can not keep tear gassing and attacking America citizens when we are peacefully exercising our 1st amendment right. We need serious police reform now. We must use our passion for justice to take action to make changes in ourselves and our community now. Keep spending awareness when injustices are present. We must all stand together united as we shape the next generation. A revolution is happening right now. Will you use your voice and take real life action or will be sitting at home in silence watching from afar? The choice is yours. - Alf Alpha

Love warrior, Cornel West helps us understand the unrest in America.

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