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Songs of Revolution - Super Sonido Sistema Radio with Alf Alpha #10

Super Sonido Sistema Radio with Alf Alpha #10 June 11 , 2020 Songs of Revolution Delicious Vinyl Radio

Music inspired to fuel revolutionary change. We stand united with our brothers & sisters that have been victims of police murders & abuses. Peaceful protests/marches are needed to bring awareness of injustices. We must hold public officials accountable for their actions or lack of action. Awareness is a major part of bringing real systemic changes. America needs real police reform now. This is a soundtrack to the revolution. Sending all peace , love and unity. - Alf Alpha #BlackLivesMatter #Mix4Change #HePleySoGood

  1. Dead Prez - Hip Hop 

  2. Dead Prez feat Tahir and People's Army - It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop 

  3. Nas - War Against Love 

  4. Boogie Down Productions - Who Protects Us From You?

  5. Poor Righteous Teachers - Word Iz Life 

  6. Main Source - Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball 

  7. Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs - I Got To Have It

  8. Big Daddy Kane - Young, Gifted, And Black 

  9. The Roots featuring Common - Act Too (Love Of My Life) 

  10. Nas featuring Lauryn Hill - If I Ruled The World (Imagine That) 

  11. YG & Nipsey Hussle - FDT (Fuck Donald Trump) 

  12. DJ Green Lantern Feat. Dead Prez/Saigon/Immortal Technique/Just Blaze - Impeach The President

  13. Marlena Shaw - Woman Of The Ghetto

  14. King Sun - Be Black 

  15. Ice Cube - We Had to Tear This Mothafucka Up

  16. Public Enemy - Brothers Gonna Work It Out 

  17. BDP, Stetsasonic, Kool Moe Dee, MC Lyte, Doug Fresh, Just-Ice, Heavy D, Chuck D - Self Destruction 

  18. The Gaff - GET UP STAND UP (Malcolm's Locks)

  19. The Coup - My Favorite Mutiny

  20. X Clan - Funkin Lesson 

  21. Fingers Inc (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Vocal Version)  - Can You Feel It?

  22. The New York Community Choir - I'll Keep A Light In My Window

  23. Afrika Bambaataa & James Brown - Unity Part 1 (The Third Coming)

  24. Funkadelic - One Nation Under A Groove 

  25. Black Magic -  Let it Go (Ken Lou Mix)

  26. Maceo & The Macks - Soul Power '74

  27. Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name Of

  28. A Tribe Called Quest - We The People

  29. BlackStar - Thieves In The Night

  30. The Specials - Ghost Town

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